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T.J. Assemblies is a manufacturer of bobbins, coil forms and electronic components for the coil winding and electronics industry. Our catalog features a complete line of standard bobbins for motors, relays, transformers, chokes, ballasts, etc., along with toroid mounts, headers and components. In addition to these standard products, we also provide custom designed bobbins and thermoplastic components, with or without terminal assembly, to meet your manufacturing and production requirements. Contract pinning or terminating service is also available. We specialize in virtually any type of termination required in a bobbin or thermoplastic component: wire pins, stamped or formed terminals, and rivets. Our low cost in house tooling and manufacturing facilities make use of CAD/CAM methods and state of the art high production automatic or semi-automatic micro-processor controlled equipment. This results in reduced costs, higher quality and superior performance of the finished product.

Our recent purchase of the United Technical Products line of bobbins and components further enhanced out ability to serve our customers more completely.  Please click here to view the UTP Catalog.

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