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United Technical Products Catalog

Vertical Printed Circuit Transformer Bobbins

Pot Core Bobbins

Horizontal Printed Circuit Transformer Bobbins

Transformer Bobbins With Flat Terminals

Vertical Toroid Mounts

Round Core Bobbins

EE & EI Series Bobbins
         EE 28-29
         EI 187
         EE 24-25
         EE 26-27
         EI 375
         EI 21
         EI 625
         EI 75
         EI 87
         EI 100
         EI 112
         EI 125
         EI 138
         EI 150
         EI 175
         EI 212

Phenolic Bobbins RM, PQ and EP

TJ Stock Terminals and Wire Pins

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